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I'm Danielle Champagne

Born and raised city girl with small-town roots, went from being a high school dropout and teen mom, to Accounting Specialist turned Entrepreneur, while raising 3 busy kids, volunteering in dog rescue and working multiple jobs.  I made the decision to hang up the self-doubt and limiting beliefs to build a business and brand, and started prioritizing personal development to become a leader and positively influence my social circle.

If you love stories, sit tight, cause I've got a good one.
CEO of Rae Champagne Designs, Danielle Champagne, smiles for the camera in a casual setting
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Who would've guessed that the little girl with a specific place to display her trinkets and toys would pursue a profession as an interior design consultant

In 1995, nestled on the edge of Glenwood, in a little 2 bed, 1 bath 750sqft house, lived a 5 year old girl obsessed with the layout of her room.

It really did start from a young age. Every possession had a home. Every piece of furniture had to be in the perfect spot. And every knickknack was carefully thought-out and displayed to achieve a flawlessly harmonized vibe.

Looking back now, it's no surprise I landed in interiors. 

My appreciation for a well designed and decorated space continued to flourish over the years. Once I had my first taste of managing an entire gut renovation, I knew I had found my calling. 

I used to rearrange my room monthly for fun...

Ask my mom

Design is my Passion Dogs are my Purpose
First Fosters
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You know that thing that speaks to your soul that you know you were meant to do or be apart of?

I'm an all around animal lover, but dogs hold a special place in my heart. After losing my first girl, Jersey, I wasn't ready for a new pup, but the house was way too quiet. Enter dog fostering!

Throughout this journey, we've welcomed and said goodbye to over 30 deserving dogs, and will continue to bridge the gap between homeless to adopted. 
Dogs, the first loves of my life.

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A Love Story

Coworkers turned best friends turned partners turned parents. We met at work in 2015 but our paths crossed numerous times prior to the first time we said Hi.. we just didn't know it. 

Lived down the block from each other for 2 years, went to the same high school but in opposing classes, and worked at the same restaurant, during the same time period, but found ourselves on different shifts. 

The universe is a wonderous mystery and something about our multiple close contacts says we were always meant to share this life. 
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