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Rae Champagne


What My Clients Are Saying

Danielle was absolutely lovely to work with! We enjoyed the entire process and loved how devoted she was to our vision. Danielle made a conscious effort to ensure we were making the best choices for our budget and dreams. She was knowledgeable on areas we hadn’t even thought of and provided insights into the best options. Danielle met our goals and communicated with us every step of the way. She really went above and beyond! We couldn’t be happier!

- Silvia and Evan, Sage Creek

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Thank You!

To my clients who trusted in me to guide their design desires to reality, thank you. To my friends and family who've recommended my services to their network, thank you. To my contacts who have liked, shared and commented on my posts, thank you. To my loved ones who've supported and cheered me on throughout this process, thank you. To the universe who always had my back even when I didn't realize, thank you. 


To Steven, I can't thank you enough for always believing in me and making sure the little things are in order so I can chase the big things down. There's no way I'd be able to accomplish this much without you in my corner. I appreciate you.

And Lastly...

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